Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Day 1 - Morning Report

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I love this scripture because it is so empowering! As Moses was preparing the people to go on across the Jordan without him He encouraged them to remember that they were being led by God. In other words God was in front of them, behind them, beside them, above and below them. Not only that but He wasn't going to leave them...They could proceed with confidence.

Today we are filled with excitement...humble excitement! We know that God is with us and that He in fact is our sustaining strength. We expect that He is going to do great things, give clear direction, heal, restore, impart wisdom and joy, and enlarge territory!

Breakfast this morning fruit and nuts and Mark had some granola.
Lunch will be salad with lemon dressings (I revised the dressing recipe)
Dinner will be bean Soup with vegetables
All these recipes can be found on previous blogs!

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