Sunday, January 7, 2018

Day 6 - Evening Report

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Today was a sweet and a little sad at the same time. The sweet part was church worship with the family of Flint Baptist Church! It is a blessing to be a part of a place that is so alive and on fire. A place that called down the ear of the Lord with its sweet sounding worship and a Pastor that is on fire!

As I mentioned yesterday Mark is struggling a little with withdrawals from things like sugar and bread. Today was not any better except that going to and from the Church house gave us uninterrupted time to talk about His strength in our weakness. We talked about faith and how this fast or any biblical fast is all about sacrificing what we think we need and moving to a place where we allow God to give us what our spirit longs for. Really? Yes, fasting is about denying our flesh of physical needs in order to grow and build our faith by relying on God and His provision.

As for me I tell you its also kind of hard because he has never fasted before and I am finding myself spending time trying to keep him satisfied with food he can eat that I was not focusing on my part. It is better fasting together because I am not being tempted by normal (non-fasting) meals for him. Today though we talked about that and so I really think we are both on the same page now.

One of the things that really help to keep me focused is staying in Gods Word and meditating on what I have reading. I am also leaning heavily on my Armor to defeat the enemies whispers to eat. I am trying to stick to fruits, veggies and water 3 times a day and prayer in the middle. Next week I will lessen the quantity and press harder. I want all that God wants me to have and I don't want to miss it.

Okay, so on to the "little sad" part of the day...A wonderful man of God (Bill Dowdy) died on January 4th and today was his funeral. He and his family are members of Mount Carmel in Whitehouse and the house was packed with friends and family. While funerals are not for the dead but living it is a necessary way to begin the process of closure and I am proud to say he was my friend and I will miss him.


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